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Regional Outreach in the UK

As part of the University of Oxford’s ongoing commitment to outreach work and engagement with schools and colleges, we have developed a programme to simplify communication between the University and all schools and colleges in the United Kingdom.

Each Oxford College is linked to a number of Local Authorities, including independent schools within the area, to ensure that each school has a first point of contact within the University.

This measure has been undertaken to improve the way in which we communicate information, advice and guidance to teachers and will not only allow the University to get to know schools and colleges in specific regions better, but also give schools and colleges a more personal and direct way of staying in touch with the University. All Oxford colleges have a common aim of providing guidance to help bright students make competitive applications, regardless of background.

The scheme will not have any bearing on the Oxford admissions process and will not influence whether a college offers a candidate a place. It is not intended to replace any existing contact a school or college may have with a particular college or department.

In the event that you are unable to contact the linked Oxford college, please contact the Student Recruitment team: liaison@admin.ox.ac.uk or call 01865 270554.

Please click here to find out who is linked to your local authority/area.