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UNIQ Summer Schools

UNIQ is open to students studying in their first year of further education, who are based at UK state schools/colleges. Students make a single application between December and January and can be selected to participate in one of two activities: UNIQ Digital or UNIQ Spring and Summer.

UNIQ Spring and Summer gives you a taste of the Oxford undergraduate student experience. You will live in an Oxford college for a week, attend lectures and seminars in your chosen subject area, and receive expert advice on the Oxford application and interview process. The timetable also allows plenty of time for social activities; in the evenings you are free to tour the city, sample some of the University's sports and cultural facilities, and let your hair down at the farewell party.

UNIQ Digital provides comprehensive information and guidance on the university admissions process, and aims to give you a realistic view of Oxford student life through videos, activities and quizzes. The platform offers a range of forums where you can discuss both academic and social topics. These forums are monitored by student ambassadors, who are always on hand to answer questions and offer support.

This year we are increasing the number of places on UNIQ from 850 to 1,350.

To make an application to UNIQ you will need:

  • At least six GCSE/National 5 (or equivalent) qualifications, with a preference for 8-9/A-A* grades
  • A short statement detailing interest in your chosen course
  • School Information (Current UK state school/college and a past school)
  • Your current A-level/Scottish Higher (or equivalent) courses
  • Contact details of a current teaching referee
  • Contact details of a parent/guardian referee

3960 total applications were made to UNIQ in 2017, and of the 875 that were selected to attend the summer school 95% meet one or both conditions of being from a disadvantaged socio-economic background (ACORN postcodes 4 and 5) and/or from a neighbourhood with low participation in higher education (POLAR3 postcodes 1 and 2). This compares to 93% of selected applicants from the previous year.

How can I apply ?

UNIQ opens applications in December each year. If you are interested in being part of a UNIQ activity for 2019 please apply online.

Further information is available at www.ox.ac.uk/uniq.